"I liked her pictures and also the description she wrote; I found her much prettier in person though, and found her smile totally disarming...Rylee continuously smiles; she is amazing. She has a special way of looking at you, that you are totally attracted from the start...the chemistry we felt locked us in an embrace and our lips locked for some time.
     In her description she was able to put into words the feelings, the eroticism and taste of the moments of pure silence in between our exchanges be it verbally or sexually.
     We took time to find out a little more about each other; we were enjoying each other’s company...she is a great kisser.

     I held back because there was so much pleasure watching her orgasm...I asked for a little break, but kissing continued as we cuddled quietly. Rylee is no fake, she is a real lover and loves sex. I asked if she was multiorgasmic, of course she nodded and must have squirted 2 more times, yet she doesn’t seem to tire as a few girls I have known...
     To conclude : it was a mutual explosion of pleasure.​"

- November 2017

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   “I was instantly hooked on Rylee's sexy pictures.  She is sexy, erotic, exotic, and beautiful. On the day of my appointment I arrived promptly, all showered and clean, and when the door was opened, I think my jaw dropped.  They were both there in see through teddy's, complete with garters, stockings, sexy bras and panties, fully comfortable with their beauty...

     I think my head is still spinning and my body is still quivering, and it's been over a week since I met with these two wonderful ladies.  Everything is as fresh in my mind as if I just left the apartment. This was a fantasy come true, and with two beautiful ladies, both with sexual drives that are unlike any woman I have ever met.  If you get the chance to meet these two, and don't take it, you are crazy.”

- T, Early September 2016

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   "Rylee Mae. Looks like the girl next door and makes you feel like you’re the only guy in the world. Soft lips, a teasing tongue, beautiful body and amazing skills. Smart, funny, and gorgeous...the perfect companion. Hurry back, Rylee."

- Vancouver, August 2016

    "What a wonderful experience! It is rare to find someone so in tune with her body, her mind, and herself. I enjoyed sharing moments of laughter, learning, intelligent conversation, and intimacy."

- Montreal, February 2016

   "If people were having sex like this, there'd be no war."

- Montreal, February 2016


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